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With over twenty years of industry experience, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise to offer effective and innovative solutions to our customers.

Quality and safety

Quality is our main commitment. Each project is carried out with the utmost attention to detail and in compliance with current safety regulations.

Personalized solutions

Each project has specific needs, therefore, we work closely to understand your needs and provide customized solutions that exceed your expectations.

Sustainable energy

We are committed to promoting the responsible use of resources and contributing to the fight against climate change by providing sustainable energy solutions.

our services

Maintenance, assistance and construction of industrial, mechanical and electromechanical systems

We are proud to be a point of reference in the sector thanks to our expertise which ranges from design and installation, to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, covering a wide range of industrial and mechanical sectors.

Our specialized technicians ensure:

  • The correct functioning of the production plants guaranteeing the operational continuity necessary to maintain high safety standards while at the same time managing to optimize the productivity and reliability of the machinery.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions are planned with the aim of preventing faults and anomalies, ensuring that the presence of the service is always constant.
  • Creation of systems, lines or modifications on existing parts regarding hydraulics, hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Metallic carpentry construction.

Photovoltaic systems

Power srl is a company specialized in the installation of photovoltaic systems.

Thanks to our experience in the sector we offer customized turnkey solutions within 20 working days from contract signature for private customers, companies and public bodies who wish to create efficient and reliable photovoltaic systems.

The company makes use of highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge technologies, both for the design (including paperwork) and for the installation of the systems, guaranteeing high quality of the materials used and the service offered.

Furthermore, we also take care of assistance and maintenance, ensuring a long useful life of the same and maximum energy yield.

You can come and visit us at our headquarters in via dell’industri 1 in Spino d’Adda.

Our partners:

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Civil and Industrial Electrical Systems

At Power, we are committed to providing electrical solutions certified, safe and cutting-edgeto meet the needs of both the civil and industrial sectors by creating systems of various sizes and complexities scrupulously following current regulations.

Custom Design: By carrying out site surveys we will create tailor-made solutions to guarantee an efficient electrical system

Construction, Installation and Testing: The installation of the systems is carried out ensuring precise and high-quality work

Security systems: We integrate advanced systems to protect electrical systems from overloads, short circuits and other emergency situations

Ordinary and preventive maintenance: We offer maintenance programs to ensure that electrical systems function optimally over time

Thermal Water Systems and Gas Distribution

Thermal Water Systems

We design and build thermal water systems to provide a constant supply of hot water sanitary ware and heating for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our systems are designed for maximize energy efficiency and reduce waste.

Gas Distribution Systems

We provide gas distribution services to enable reliable and safe access to natural gas or liquefied gas. Our distribution systems comply with rigorous safety standards to ensure correct operation and safety protection of the surrounding environment.

Civil and industrial air conditioning systems and MV/LV cold rooms

We at Power are specialized in providing advanced and customized solutions for the thermal comfort of civil and industrial environments, guaranteeing an ideal climate in every season.

We offer a service that dynamically integrates the commercial organization with the technical one, offering a complete range of recognized products as among the best on the market today.

In air conditioning systems the machines use the same principle as the refrigeration circuit of refrigeration systems. Specifically, these systems are air conditioners, heat pumps, chillers and air handling units.

Regardless of the machine used to create the system, our mission will be to offer optimal thermal comfort, maximizing energy efficiency and respecting the environment.

VMC system, Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

Our team is dedicated to providing efficient, high-quality VMC systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our mission is to improve air quality, reduce humidity and provide a healthy indoor environment.

This type of system is commonly used in all those environments where it is necessary to ensure continuous air exchange and filtering such as hospitals, shopping centers and residential buildings insulated with thermal insulation.

The controlled mechanical ventilation system is usually composed of:

  • A central ventilation unit, with fans and heat exchanger
  • Air distribution ducts and vents, placed in the various rooms to ensure air recirculation
  • External vents for the intake and exhaust of air entering and exiting the system
  • Filters for purifying the air introduced into the vmc system

Civil and Industrial Sanitization Systems

Choose Power for your sanitization systems and ensure a sanitized and safe environment for everyone.

Ozone has been scientifically proven to kill pathogens including E.coli, salmonella, coronavirus and listeria, acting as a powerful disinfectantwithout leaving residues, as it immediately decays into oxygen, leaving the natural taste, consistency and smell of the product intact.

Our ozone sanitization system guarantees safe sanitation and effective and is the only solution that has proven effective for minimizing sanitization costs.

STOP viruses, bacteria, mites and other environmental pollutants on surfaces, environments, etc… thanks to OZONE!

Turnkey renovations

Power S.r.l. is your trusted partner for turnkey renovations!

With extensive experience in the renovation sector, we are dedicated to transforming environments into modern, functional and aesthetically appealing spaces.
We offer complete services, from design to execution, ensuring hassle-free management of the entire process.

We pride ourselves on offering tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs.
Our mission is to deliver high-quality results that exceed your expectations, whether it is a bathroom, a shop or an apartment.

CEO founder:
Giuseppe Palmitesta


Technical Manager:
Tommaso Palmitesta

Managing Director:
Avv. Lorenzo Marco Caporosso

CEO founder:
Giuseppe Palmitesta


Technical Manager:
Tommaso Palmitesta

Managing Director:
Avv. Lorenzo Marco Caporosso



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